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Scott Weinschenk, a.k.a. Dexter, is anything but an ordinary DJ. A singer, songwriter, DJ, and Producer from Austin, Texas, he grew up listening to music across all genres. He started learning and writing country music at a young age, but after moving to Austin to pursue a career, Dexter found a new appreciation for EDM and music production.

A truly jack of all trades, Dexter spent a few years in the professional sports world as the pitcher for the Vallejo Admirals out of California before switching his sights to the corporate world of sales. But neither his love for baseball, nor his talent as a salesman quite satisfied the fire that burned inside him quite the way producing and making music has.

Drawing his influence from all genres of music, Dexter has blurred the lines of "traditional" EDM, ushering in a new style and sound that is not only timeless, but enjoyable for a variety of audiences. Dexter began producing music in 2018. He attended the Austin Dubstep Academy where he worked with local artists such as DJ Phoenix and MadHatter. He has since moved on from the Academy and has been in the studio with dubstep heavyweight BlvkSheep over the past year. Dexter’s musical inspirations are rooted in Dubstep/Riddim and follow the harmonic bass sounds of Ganja White Night, Liquid Stranger, and Subtronics, but also the stylings of Texas artists such as Boombox Cartel and Riot Ten.

Dexter released “Head Bop” in 2019, a high-energy, bass filled jam that just surpassed 10,000 plays on SoundCloud and 14,000 streams on Spotify. Including “Head Bop,” Dexter has 14 originals that he has released since 2018, and Is currently working on more. Coming off the Emergence Festival in Denver, Colorado, Dexter is looking to make a name for himself with his unique sound and style.


Tony Krueger

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